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Our goal is to create a great longlasting, mutually beneficial relationships at our events by connecting individuals, charities and businesses who share our passion for giving back.  Research shows that 83% of consumers prefer to by products associated with a charitable cause, and businesses that 'do good' experience higher levels of customer loyalty.  


Our Big Hearts Fund is designed for businesses and individuals who want to raise their social responsibility profile in the San Diego community.  This program lets you select the level of giving that is the best fit for your company.  In addition to the marketing benefits listed in our Big Hearts Fund table below, participating in this program will assist your company with:


  • Extending your social impact by supporting Hearts for San Diego’s mission

  • Public relations to demonstrate company values

  • Acquiring new customers from Hearts for San Diego platforms through increased exposure

ONE-TIME EVENT SPONSORSHIPS: We have many opportunities for businesses of any size to get involved by sponsoring an upcoming event.  Please visit our 'Upcoming Events' tab or email info@HeartsForSD.org for more information on a particular event.  


ONGOING SUPPORT: Our Shop & Give Program provides opportunities for businesses to promote their goods and services on our website and social media accounts, and donate a percentage of online or in-person purchases from Hearts for San Diego Supporters. 


1-YEAR CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS: We would love for your company to become involved through our Big Hearts Fund.  We are seeking event sponsors and 1-year corporate sponsors, which are all tax deductible.  There are four corporate sponsorship levels, each with increased marketing exposure.  Please click on the table below to download our Big Hearts Fund Sponsorship brochure.  We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting Hearts for San Diego.

Please contact us to learn about the Big Hearts Fund.

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